What is NDL 360?

NDL 360 is the result of a series of breakthroughs in the application of quantum mechanics and their eventuation in nanotechnology. These technological breakthroughs have led to sweeping advances in medicine, electronics and biomaterials. For nearly twenty years engineers and chemists engaged in the study of oil tribology

have employed nanotechnology in the development of a remarkable new oil enhancement which dramatically prolongs oil life, reduces friction, polishes and hardens metal surfaces while binding lubricants to them. The effect? Significant fuel savings, prolonged oil-change intervals, dramatic reductions in wear and maintenance costs, reductions in harmful emissions and prolonged engine life .

Ultradispersed diamonds (UDD’s) or Nano Diamonds are at the center of technological breakthroughs in medicine (e.g. drug delivery, bio imaging and tissue engineering), electroplating, spaceflight, optics, information technologies … the list goes on and on.

Nano Diamonds are also the central ingredient of NDL 360™, a revolutionary technologically advanced oil enhancer that Protects, Enhances and Prolongs the useful life of engine oil and its all important additive package.  This brief video provides an overview of the benefits and technology of NDL 360 …

The immeasurable importance of lubricants.

Why engine Oil?  Friction, friction related heat and engine wear are responsible for significant losses of  energy and material in mechanical processes.  Lubrication’s chief functions are to improve energy efficiency and mechanical  durability by reducing friction and conducting heat away from the engine.

Oil alone is not a sufficient lubricant in the engine environment.  Additive “packages” are combined with oils in order to improve performance levels and lengthen the useful life of the engine.

These additives play a crucial role in the engine protection offered by  lubricants .  However, because engine oil is constantly exposed to relatively high temperatures in an operating engine,  these chemicals begin to  undergo significant changes … changes which, overtime, alter their molecular structure and characteristics.   In time, the same chemical additives which once provided protection are not  only diminished in their capacity to protect the engine, but  now form harmful acids which diminish engine life.

NDL 360 optimizes oil performance by dramatically reducing  heat buildup, polishing and hardening contact surfaces and dramatically reducing friction between moving parts.  The net effect?  Significant fuel savings (ranging from 5% to 15%  depending upon the application), a significant reduction in oil change  intervals, the presence of a near permanent layer of lubrication (invaluable at start up and under heavy loads),  reductions in engine operating temperatures (promoting  prolonged oil life while protecting the engine from thermal degradation) and prolonged engine life.

These savings are substantial … often adding up to thousands of dollars per truck, per year.


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